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Promotion and Appointment Committee

Promotion and Appointment Committee


  • Preparing and reviewing the department's faculty recruitment plan.
  • Studying the applications received by the department for the recruitment of faculty members.
  • Contact and interview the candidates.
  • Completion of all nomination requirements and preparing special forms to be sent to the college.
  • Examine the faculty members' promotion files transferred from the department head and identify the arbitrators to discuss them in the department council and then send them to the college.
  • Prepare and review the recruitment plan of IE department.
  • Study the received applications that are related to the recruitment of new faculty members.
  • Communicate with applicants for faculty member positions.
  • Interview the applicants for faculty member positions.
  • Check promotion files of faculty member.
  • Any other requested tasks.


Name Prof. Abdulrahman M. Al-Ahmari (Coordinator)
Office 2A 125
Office Phone +966 11 4676664
Office fax +966 11 4678567
Name Prof. Emad Samir Abouel Nasr Abdelghany
Office 2A 117/1
Office Phone +966 11 46970639
Office fax  
Name Prof. Anis Gharbi
Office 2A 127
Office Phone +966 11 4676829
Office fax  
Name Dr. Abdullah Yahia M Alfaify
Office 2A 122 
Office Phone +966118061386.
Office fax  
Name Dr. Fahad Alqahtani
Office 2ِA 126/1
Office Phone +966 11 4673367
Office fax  


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