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Brief History

On the bases of King Saud University objectives and its responsibilities to provide Saudi society with highly educated intellectuals and professionals who are capable of satisfying society needs, a Department for Industrial Engineering in the college of engineering has been established in year 1422H (2002 G). However, industrial engineering as a program has been found in the year 1403H (1983 G) under the umbrella of Mechanical Engineering Department. Since its establishment, the industrial engineering program has made an indispensable contribution to the rapid development and advancement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It enhances the role of the Industrial Engineering Profession in the country which is concerned with the synthesizing, designing, analyzing, operating, and maintaining various integrated production systems and its processes to produce products using distinguished solution techniques and tools. Industrial Engineer graduates play a vital role in all development plans of the country and hold key positions in all governmental and private sectors. They are heavily involved in numerous manufacturing and service industries in Saudi Arabia and abroad.