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Maintainability and Reliability Lab

Maintainability & Reliability Lab

This lab is intended for undergraduate industrial engineering students to provide the broad knowledge about the areas of machine diagnostic, calibration and maintenance. The lab is equipped with the following:

  1. PT 500 Machinery Diagnostic System, Base Unit
  2. PT 500.04 Computerised Vibration Analyser
  3. PT 500.05 Brake and Load Unit
  4. PT 500.10 Elastic Shaft Kit
  5. PT 500.11 Crack Detection
  6. PT 500.12 Roller Bearing Faults Kit
  7. PT 500.12 Roller Bearing Faults Kit
  8. PT 500.14 Belt Drive Kit
  9. PT 500.14 Belt Drive Kit
  10. PT 500.15 Damage to Gear Kit
  11. PT 500.19 Electromechanical Vibrations Kit
  12. IA 110 Calibrating a Pressure Sensor
  13. IA 120 Principles of Industrial Sensors
  14. MT 181 Assembly & Maintenance - Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump
  15. MT 184 Assembly & Maintenance  Exercise Piston

The following photos illustrate some equipment included in the lab.

Machinery Diagnosis System (MDS)

Also,known as machinery status monitoring or condition monitoring system (CMS).


For more information about the IED laboratories, please download the following IE bulletin:


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