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Motion and Time Study Lab

Motion and time study lab focuses on experiments that develop a group of skills enabling the student to understand and absorb the basics and fundamentals of motion and time study. These skills will lead to the shortest time to accomplish a task using least effort. This is reflected on work place design, work tools and equipment, and attempting to reach ideal levels of the environment surrounding the worker. The following are examples of the equipment and instruments included in the IED Motion and Time Study Lab.

  1. Hearing measurement instrument (Lafayette INSTRUMENT Co., Portable Audiometer 109-1988).
  2. Noise measurement instrument (B&K, Sound Level Meter 22608 -1999).
  3. An instrument to evaluate the ability to perform fine and precise tasks (Lafayette Instrument Co., Purude Peg Board Test 32020 - 2000).
  4. Dexture speed measurement instrument (Lafayette Instrument Co., Hand Tool  Dexture 32521 – 2000).
  5. Hand and finger dexture speed measurement instrument (Lafayette Instrument Co., Steadiness Tester Hole Type 32011 - 2000), (Lafayette Instrument Co., Single Impulse Tester 58024C*C – 2000).
  6. An instrument to measure and evaluate human ability to lift loads (Lafayette Instrument Co., Jamar Hydraulic Hand Tester Hole Type 32011 - 2000).
  7. Maynard MOST package to measure the standard time for various tasks.

Following are real photos of instruments in the Motion and Time Study lab.



For more information about the IED laboratories, please download the following IE bulletin: