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Manufacturing Processes Lab

Manufacturing Processes Lab

This lab focuses on developing the students’ skills towards metal cutting activities, through introducing different metal cutting machines and processes. It also develops the skill of the students towards process planning, machine and process selection. The lab also focuses on machining difficult-to-cut materials using nontraditional machining processes. The types of machines included in the manufacturing processes lab are as follows:

  1. CNC turning machine
  2. CNC milling machines
  3. Conventional/manual turning machine
  4. Conventional/manual milling machines
  5. Conventional/manual drilling machines
  6. Cylindrical grinder
  7. Surface grinder
  8. Rotary ultrasonic machine
  9. Electric discharge die sinking machine
  10. Casting setup
  11. Spot welding machine
  12. Arc welding machine
  13. Heat treatment furnace
  14. Melting furnace
  15. Sheet metal cutting machine
  16. Hydraulic press for metal forming

Following are real photos of some machines and equipment in the manufacturing processes.



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