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Industrial Engineering Department Goals and Objectives

Goal (1): Empower industrial engineering graduate with technical, social, and professional capabilities enabling them to work in the competitive global engineering environment.

  • Objective 1:   Equipping the students with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools to design, operate and analyze industrial production systems.
  • Objective 2:   Impeding in   industrial engineering graduate besides leadership and long-life learning behaviors, the understanding of industrial engineering profession, ethics, and responsibilities.


Goal (2): Promote industrial engineering graduate competency through distinguished educational support.

  • Objective 3: Maintaining high quality faculty members, teaching assistants, technicians, and laboratories.
  • Objective 4: Promoting continuous engagement of industrial engineering students in community and industry.


Goal (3): Promote the industrial engineering profession.

  • Objective 5:   Strengthen the relation with government, public and private sectors by organizing conferences and symposia, delivering short courses and seminars, promoting consultancy, and providing professional laboratory services.
  • Objective 6: Professional development and research work by encouraging scientific publishing and active participation in professional conferences and meetings.