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IED goals and objectives

Industrial Engineering Department Goals and Objectives

Goal (1): Prepare industrial engineering graduate who are empowered with technical, social, and professional capability enabling them to work in competitive global engineering environment.

Objective 1: Provide, improve and maintain high quality industrial educational program by: (a) equipping the students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to design, operate and analyze industrial production systems, and (b) embedding in the students the understanding of industrial engineering profession, ethics, and responsibilities.

Objective 2: Establish and improve high level educational supports by: (a) recruiting high quality faculty member, teaching assistants, and technicians, and (b) equipping the laboratories with latest educational facilities.

Goal (2): Develop the competency of the industrial engineering graduate to keep pace with dynamic global engineering environment.

Objective 3: Provide industrial engineering graduate with leadership and long-life learning behavior by: developing critical thinking for solving local industrial production systems (manufacturing and service) with innovated skills.

Objective 4: Promote and strengthen the relation with government, public and private sectors by: organizing conferences, symposia and delivering short courses and seminars; promoting consultancy, symposia and delivering short courses and seminars; laboratory services

Goal (3):  Promote the industrial engineering profession.

Objective 5: Strengthen the relation with government, public and private sectors by: organizing conferences and symposia, delivering short courses and seminars, promoting consultancy, and providing professional laboratory services.

Objective 6: Professional development and research work by: encouraging scientific publishing and active participation in professional conferences and meetings.

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