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Operations Research Lab

Product Design and Prototyping Lab

This laboratory provides an interactive learning environment where students can mimic real life product design and development projects. It intends to develop in students an understanding of the impact of innovation on product design and its profitability. Also to understand how advanced technologies in measurements and computer aided design fits into the product design, and development. This lab is equipped with the following:

  1. 3D Scanners 
  2. Color 3D Printer (Pro-jet 460)
  3. CAD Software (CATIA, SOLIDWORK)


3D Scanners 

The 3D scanners is used in fast prototyping and reverse engineering to the act of digitally recreating a real-life part by scanning it all around to get its dimensions.

3D Scanners 

Multiple screenshots of the part scanned are taken, then fused together into a 3D model. It is also possible to scan very small parts, as well as huge parts.

Color 3D Printer (Pro-jet 460)

Used to create beautiful, photo-realistic parts in CMY color with the ability to use full texture/UV mapping to better evaluate the look, feel, and style of product designs, without paint. Students can better visualize design intent, and can make faster and more effective decisions.



For more information about the IED laboratories, please download the following IE bulletin:




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