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Patents and Awards


Mamdooh Al-Saud, Ali Ahmed and  Abdulrahman. A. Al-Ahmari “MULTI-ROTOR VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE” US 9,752,556 Bl; United States Patent; Sep.5,2017.

Atef Mohammed Abdo Ghaleb, Mohamed Ali Eissa Saleh, Adham Mohamed Azzat Ragab, System for forming a T-shaped tubular fitting, US 9586248 B1, United States Patent and Trademark Office, March 7th 2017.

Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, US Patent, Dual Axis Solar Tracker: apparatus and method”- US Patent, US8895836B2, 25 Nov. 2014.

Prof. Saeed Darwich, European patent No (EP 12170166) (Computer implemented method of preoperatively determining the optimized external shape of a prosthetic femoral hip stem, Acquired on 25 March, 2015.

Dr Saeed Darwish, A US patent on Automatic Tooth Extraction Tool.

Dr Saeed Darwish, A US patent on Hip joint Design.

Mohamd Karim, Md. Akhtaruzzaman, Asharfulislam, and Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, DI-THIAZOLYL-BENZOLE BASED SENSITIZERS AND THEIR USE IN PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL, US office5, Nov 2013

Saaed Darwish, Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, Khaled Alsaleh, and Abdulmohsen Albadah, An Automobile Design, US office,9 April 2013.

Saaed Darwish, Abdulnaser Daood, Gamal Darwish, Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, Tooth extraction tool, US office, 27 Aug 2013.

Prof. Mohamed Zaki Ramadan Osman: Ergonomic Arabic Keyboard, Patent NO.: US D667, 414 S, Dated: Sep. 18,2012.

Dr. Khaled Alsaleh:Automobile Industrial Prototype, US P.O. US D679,628, 9 April, 2013.



• Bashir Salah, Mohamed Alkahtani, Best track paper in IEOM 2017 Morocco

• Prof. Abulaziz Al-Tamimi Awarded best paper in Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Dubai, UAE, March 3–5, 2015.

• Dr. Sabeur Elkosantini, Distinguished Researcher Award for the academic year 2014-2015, College of Engineering, King Saud University

• Dr Saeed Darwish , The Golden Medal in Geneva Innovation 2014.

• Dr Saeed Darwish, The best research project in the College of Engineering 2014.

• Dr Saeed Darwish, The Best IE graduation project in 2014.

• Dr Saeed Darwish, Abdulnaser Daood, Gamal Darwish, Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, Inventions Geneva, International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Geneva/Switzerland, 4/April /2014.

• Prof. Ibrahim Al-Harkan, Dr. Mohamed Naceur Azaiez:

• Students: Abderrahman Alazba, Moncer Hariga, and Mohamed Al-FAwzan: Al-Marai Prize for research Excellence on best research work on water resources for year 1428: on the project: "Development of a Decision Support System for Optimal Irrigation Water Use and Crop Selection" (2001/2005), sponsored by KACST, Saudi Arabia.

• Prof. Mhammed Louly: The first prize (best paper) of the young researcher paper competition at the International Conference on Modeling and Simulation MOSIM, France, April 2001.