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Doctorate of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering (IE) Department has taken the initiative to offer an ambitious PhD program in order to complement the role of KSU in providing highly qualified human resources and distinguished researchers and innovators and in strongly contributing in finding solutions of the technical problems of the industrial society. The program is designed to give the student greater breadth and depth of technical and practical industrial engineering knowledge and skills that are necessary for developing a knowledge-based industry and solving effectively and efficiently the encountered problems that face the industrial revolution of the country.


Program Objectives and Outcomes

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Prepare a new generation of distinguished faculty in the light of the recent extensions in higher education nationwide.
  • Train the qualified human resources to contribute in the R&D areas related to the various industrial engineering fields
  • Support the efforts of the practitioners in the industry in reducing the technical problems that face the sector through proposing PhD dissertations that consider and adequately solve real industrial problems.


General Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies 

  1. Applicant should be a Saudi or on a formal scholarship if not a Saudi.
  2. Holding a university degree from a Saudi university or from another recognized one.
  3. Proving a good conduct and being medically fit.
  4. Submitting two academic recommendations from professors who have taught applicant.
  5. Employer's approval, if applicant is an employee; in very limited circumstances this approval may be postponed until enrollment into courses
  6. Ph. D. studying requires full time study and University Council may make exception when the need arises


Additional requirements

  1. Holding a master's degree in Industrial Engineering or a related discipline with (very good).
  2. Scoring a minimum of 61 points in (TOEFL-IBT), or 500 points in (IELTS), or  75 points in (SEPT).
  3. Total full-time for a period of not less than two academic years after termination of courses and registration of the Ph. D thesis.
  4. Personal meeting with department.
  5. Scoring a minimum of 70 points in General Aptitude Test, or 144 points in GRE Quantitative Section.  



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