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Consultancy Services and Training

Consultancy Services and Training

Consultancy Services

The Industrial Engineering (IE) department has highly qualified teaching and research staffs who are able to provides national and international industrial companies with high quality reliable consultancy services, and transfer latest knowledge on advanced techniques, process, technologies and services, that could improve productivity and profitability's of the industrial and services plants and supply chains, optimize manufacturing processes, and optimize the working place conditions and human-machine interface. They are able to presents efficient and effective solution to a variety of traditional and complex industries' problems.

The Qualifications of the academic staff cover the following consultancy service areas:

Industrial System Design:

     • Plant Layout design

     • Plant location problems

     • Material handling system selection and design

     • Lean manufacturing and agile operational excellence

     • Technology transfer decisions

     • Development and installation of industrial software (ERP, MRP, MRPII, Forecasting, Computerized Maintenance Management System

     • Selection and design of tools and equipment for productivity

     • Supply chain management and logistics

     • Cutting Stock problem optimization

     • Implementation of Six sigma

     • Developing industrial information system

     • Industrial IT solutions

     • Inventory management

     • Resources (Jobs, Machines & Staff) scheduling

     • Project scheduling

     • Inventory management

     • Production planning & control

     • Improving operating methods to increase efficiency

     • Cost Reduction by implementing various cost/waste control programs

     • Multi-criteria approach for selection of optimum process/equipments

     • Design of experiments and Statistical technique/ Model generation for Optimization

     • Reconfiguration of manufacturing facilities

     • Value engineering and analysis system design and install

     • Performance estimate and Project viability studies

     • Feasibility studies of industrial investment projects

     • Knowledge-based & Decision support system design

     • Workforce staffing

     • Health Care Management

     • Optimization in steel and aluminum industries

     • Transportation Problems

     • Cutting and Packing Problems

     • Scheduling and optimization of mining and process industries

     • Air transport planning and scheduling

     • Telecommunications problems


Manufacturing Engineering

     • Metal forming process simulation and virtual manufacturing

     • Finite Element Analysis

     • Manufacturing Tool Design:

          - Die design,

          - Mold design,

          - Jig design, and

          - Fixture design.

     • Reverse Engineering of Spare Parts.

     • Spare parts manufacturing.

     • Design of experiments

     • Robot programming

     • Design of traditional & non-traditional work centers

     • Design of Metal forming workshops

     • Cutting parameter optimization


Human factor & Ergonomics

     • Design of ergonomic tools, parts, and equipment and hardware

     • Design of workplace components and conditions

     • Designing of labour physical workload

     • Assessing and design of safety management systems

     • Designing safety systems strategies

     • Analysing risk in the workplace and designing effective safety programs to deal with hazards

     • Reviewing, auditing & evaluating safety programs and monitoring their effectiveness



The IE department provides high quality training services that could be delivered either at the available well-prapared and latest effcient and comfortable educational facilities or at the industries workplaces as needed. Various workshops are available with the following topics:

     • Six sigma

     • Value Stream Mapping

     • CAD/CAM software (Cattia, etc.)

     • Time & Motion Study techniques

     • MATLAB for Engineers

     • Statics tools (Minitab, Statgraphics, SPSS, etc.0

     • Object Oriented Programming lanugaes (Java, C++, Visual Basic. Net)

     • Optimization Tools: Cplex & Lingo 12

     • Project Management (MS. Project)

     • Product Development & Design

     • Preparing Feasibility Studies for industrial investment projects

     • Development of Quantitative and Analytical skills

     • Project Management

     • Total Quality Management

     • Design of experiments and Robust Design

     • Maintenance Management

     • Management of Quality and Productivity

     • Manufacturing Economics and Factory Physics

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