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Chairman Message

Welcome to Industrial Engineering Department (IED) website, Faculty of Engineering, King Saud University

Whether you want to improve the world of manufacturing, services or logistic systems, IED has programs that lead you to your goals. In manufacturing systems, you will gain knowledge and skills to increase product quality for consumer, increase the profit by decreasing wastes and eliminating unnecessary processes, and ensure the safety of workers. In services and logistic systems, you will learn professional optimization, evaluation, and simulation tools to speed up and upgrade the services provided by reducing the delivery and service times, eliminating unnecessary operations, and decreasing waiting times and queue lines.

Since the IED is established in the year 1403H (1983 G), we, in IED, always taken pride in providing Saudi market with highly educated intellectuals and professionals whom hold key positions in all governmental and private sectors. We have well-known faculties, world-class courses, highly equipped laboratories, best students, and successful alumni. IED faculties are carrying out a broad range of research projects funded by public agencies and private sectors. In addition, IED has a strong collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Institute that enriches the frontiers of the relevant knowledge and extends the research of the IE areas. All of this provides an intellectually stimulating broad and rewarding environment for faculty, staff, and students to a simultaneously meet the goals of the 2030 vision and strategic goals of both the colleague of engineering and the university.

IED offers several programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. At the undergraduate level, it offers B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. At the graduate level, the IED has M.Sc. and Ph.D. in three different tracks; Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, and Human Factors Systems Engineering. In addition, the IED offers H.D. in Occupational Safety Engineering.

I invite you to explore our homepage and contact me if you have any questions.

Prof. Ali Mohammed Al Samhan

Chairman of Industrial Engineering

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am