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Registration, Schedules and Exams Committee

Registration, Schedules and Exams Committee



  • The registration committee will be receiving students.
  • Collect the forms.
  • Increase sections size when needed.
  • Avoid deleting courses haphazardly: It is not allowed to delete courses from the lowest level or any courses that will drop the number of registered hours less than the minimum required.
  • Avoid adding courses haphazardly: It is not allowed to add courses that will raise the number of registered hours more than the maximum. It is also not allowed to add course without passing its prerequisites.
  • Collecting barred student lists making sure of the barred % before department head signature.


  • Determine the appropriate number of sections for every course based on the expected number of students.
  • Preparing the load for faculties in which the courses are assigned .
  • Allocate class room for very section.
  • Preparing the load for every faculty.
  • Preparing the final load for every faculty.
  • Studying the registration cases and the final exam for the students and finding possible solutions in accordance with the regulating rules.



Name Prof. Anis Gharbi (Coordinator)
Office 2A 127
Office Phone +966 11 4676829
Office fax  
Name Dr. Mehdi Alajami Mrad
Office 2A 128/2
Office Phone +966 11 4678535
Office fax  
Name Dr. Shafiq Ahmad
Office 2A 121/1
Email ashafiq@ksu
Office Phone +966 11 46 76831
Office fax  
Name Dr. Hamoud Sultan Binobaid
Office 2A 106/2
Office Phone +966114673367
Office fax  
Name Dr. Fahad Alqahtani
Office 2ِA 126/1
Office Phone +966 11 4673367
Office fax  


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am