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Alumni and Employment Committee

Alumni and Employment Committee


  • Prepare a list of all graduates of each semester with their contact information.
  • Provide the graduates’ list to all employers who have opportunities for the IE department graduates.
  • Collect the necessary information about the department graduates and Designing and updating the databases of graduate.
  • Collect and analyze Student, Exit, and Alumni about the program outcomes.
  • Call graduates to participate in the activities of the department and support them.
  • Design and activate the questionnaires for the graduates’ work and study.
  • Coordination with the guidance unit and student club in the establishment of the annual ceremony for the graduates.
  • Coordinate with the Training committee in the design and update the database of employers.
  • Coordination with the guidance unit to invite companies and the employers to visit the department and give introductory lectures or visit these companies.
  • Preparing questionnaires to survey the institutions' opinion of the department's graduates to determine the extent of the institutions' satisfaction with the level of the department's graduates and working to develop the performance of the department's graduates in the light of these questionnaires.


Name Dr. Hamoud Sultan Binobaid (Coordinator)
Office 2A 106/2
Office Phone +966114673367
Office fax  
Name Dr. Mohammed Alkahtani
Office  2A 129
Office Phone +966 11 4696062
Office fax +966 11 4676857
Name Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hasan El-Sherbeeny
Office 2A 128/1
Office Phone +966 11 4698535
Office fax  
Name Dr. Ibrahim A Almuhaidib
Office 2ِA 105/3
Office Phone +966 11 4673368
Office fax  


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