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Practical Training Committee

Practical Training Committee


  • Coordinate with the Training committee in the design and the update of the database of the employers.
  • Prepare lists of the companies for training opportunities.
  • Announce available training opportunities to students.
  • Evaluate the training opportunities provided by the students and make approval decision according training field.
  • Guide students to companies, follow-up the training, and resolve any unexpected problems.
  • Receive the final report from the companies and evaluate them.
  • Receive student’s reports, evaluate them, and make an oral discussion for a sample of them.


Name Dr. Mejdal Abdullah Alqahtani (Coordinator)
Office 2A 119
Office Phone +966114696062 
Office fax  
Name Dr. Tamer Mohamed Ahmed Khalaf
Office 2A 123/2
Office Phone +966 11 4676301
Office fax  
Name Dr. Marawan Alsultan
Office 2A 118
Office Phone +966114661386
Office fax  
Name Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Tamimi
Office 2A 106/1
Office Phone +966114678536
Office fax  


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