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Teaching Assistants and Scholars Committee

Teaching Assistants and Scholars Committee


  • Prepare and review demonstrators and scholarship student's plan of IE department.
  • Check applicant files.
  • Interview the applicants.
  • Follow up with the demonstrators and scholarship recipient performance.
  • Inspect the request and extension of the scholarship.
  • Any other requested tasks.
  • Completion of all nomination requirements to be sent to the college.
  • Follow up on the affairs of teaching assistants and on scholarship recipient, and examining requests to extend the scholarship.


Name Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Harkan (Coordinator)
Office 2A 116/2
Office Phone +966 11 4676823
Office fax +966 11 4683411
Name Mohammed Alkahtani
Office  2A 129
Office Phone +966 11 4696062
Office fax +966 11 4676857
Name Bashir Salah
Office  2A 100
Office Phone +966 11 4698536
Office fax +966 11 4670608
Name Dr. Hamoud Sultan Binobaid
Office 2A 106/2
Office Phone +966114673367
Office fax  
Name Dr. Ibrahim A Almuhaidib
Office 2ِA 105/3
Office Phone +966 11 4673368
Office fax  


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