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Student Advising Unit - Non-designated students


Educate students about the following:

     • The minimum and maximum number of credit hours that a student is allowed to perform in his current position (the student’s academic load).

     • Courses and their previous and accompanying requirements, and that the student will not be allowed to register a course unless he succeeds in the previous one.

     • The place and time at which the lectures start, by issuing and printing guide boards and small maps showing the room numbers and their locations.

     • Conditions and deadlines for each of: deletion and addition of courses, withdrawal from a course, absence and exclusion, postponement and change of specialization and transfer to another college.

     • Graduation requirements and a minimum GPA of (2.75 / 5).

     • Specialization criteria.

Appearances that warrant guidance:

     1- A sudden significant drop in high-level academic performance without justifiable reasons.

     2- An unjustified request to postpone or withdraw from the college.

     3- Complaints from teachers or colleagues about persistent negative behaviors shown by the student.

     4- A high level of apprehension about exams, duties, or social life ... etc.

     5- The student's ability to express his problems is weak.

     6- Notable manifestations of deep states of confusion, frustration, apathy, or despair.

     7- Continuous complaints about physical problems, sleep disturbance, or isolation from others ... etc.

     8- The student clearly expresses his desire for psychological counseling.

In cases of social and psychological counseling, please note the following:

     1- Confirming and maintaining the maximum degree of privacy and confidentiality in organizing counseling sessions.

     2- Explaining to the student that meeting the psychological and social counselor does not mean that he is mentally ill.

     3- Providing the psychological and social counselor with complete information as possible about the student’s condition.

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