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Research Center

COE Research Center

Engineering Research

A new program to design and maximize the utilization of renewable energy systems. Data exchange between multipath optical fiber paths
Parameter analysis of Bishah - concrete pegs with curve loads - landing on sandy soils



Achieve leadership in scientific research, creativity and innovation in the field of engineering



Encouraging distinguished research work by providing an attractive and stimulating environment that supports excellence and creativity for researchers



Supporting scientific research in the College of Engineering

Encouraging distinguished and creative people in the field of scientific research

Simplifying procedures and facilitating cooperation with researchers in the faculty departments

Contacting local and international research centers and developing cooperation with them

Dedicating the concept of quality and continuous improvement in the center’s activities

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A word from the director of the center
The College Research Center aims to encourage and motivate faculty members at the College of Engineering to conduct scientific research in various fields of theoretical and applied engineering, by providing material support for research projects, postgraduate theses and scientific publishing. In the past years, the center has contributed in supporting a large number of research proposals worth millions of riyals. And publish the results of their research in scientific and international fields and conferences. In the coming years, the center seeks to continue support for increasing research production and scientific publishing in line with the college’s vision to be a leader in innovative research and the university’s aspirations to achieve a knowledge-based economy.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am