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Student Advising Unit - Non-designated students


     • Identify the problems that hinder students' ability to achieve academic achievement and interact with the requirements of new university life, educate students of their academic responsibilities and encourage them to make more effort in solving academic and personal problems that may face them and prevent them from achieving their educational goals by providing students with various academic skills. That raise their academic achievement and discuss their scientific aspirations.

     • Guiding students and directing them in choosing the appropriate courses according to the academic plan set for obtaining the academic degree successfully, helping them to overcome obstacles that may encounter them in their studies, and providing advice to them on matters that affect their educational path.

     • Communicating with course professors during the semester to find out the rates of absenteeism and exam failures during the first semester.

     • Follow-up of outstanding students and direct them to increase their excellence, whether through consultations or special courses in the college or university, and so on.

     • Make efforts to alleviate the impact of the trauma experienced by some students after the preparatory year.

     • Supervision and organization of the college departments introduction program.

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