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Students Activities Unit

The university is an educational institution that aims to provide knowledge, research, and community services, and it is a place where students can experience their lives and learn in integrated ways. At the university, the roles of students are not limited to attendance, listening, and preparing for exams, but they participate in a range of activities that increase their values of education and improve their quality of life. Students’ activities are also essential to university education as they help students developing their personalities, leadership, creativity, and teamwork spirit. Also, activities allow students to interact with their peers, faculty members, and local communities. Therefore, King Saud University pays a great attention to organize and supervise students’ activities, and the university assigns an independent unit for each college. This unit is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating students’ activities in various fields, such as cultural, social, and recreational activities.

     This unit seeks to achieve the vision and mission of King Saud University, which is enhancing the quality of education, publishing research, and serving community. Moreover, the university seeks to prepare graduates who are qualified for working and contributing to sustainable developments. It also seeks to achieve its objectives, which are supporting students’ talents, increasing interactions among the university community members, encouraging community participations, expanding the horizons of knowledge, and enriching the educational experience.



To provide an enjoyable environment for students that helps them achieving their academic and personal goals and provides them the necessary skills and knowledge needed for success in their future lives.


To prepare distinguished leadership cadres who are characterized by a spirit of cooperation and integration through encouraging and developing creative ideas related to cultural, social, and enjoyable activities.

• Planning, implementing, and evaluating students’ activities in various fields.
• Providing support and guidance for students in choosing, organizing, and managing the activities that suit them.
• Providing an attractive environment for students.
• Discovering and refining the talents and creativity of students.
• Providing students additional knowledge and skills and teaching them honorable values.
• Activating community services and volunteer work programs.
• Developing the national sense, the spirit of belonging to the country, the leadership skills, and the interaction with the national days and achievements of the country.
• Holding various training courses for students.
• Conducting scientific visits to different companies and government institutions to learn the practical aspects.

Dr. Fahad Mesfer AlQahtani

Last updated on : January 16, 2024 10:07am