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Student Advising Unit - Non-designated students

General alerts

• Your adherence to the study plan ensures you have a suitable academic schedule and ideal deadlines for college courses.

• The minimum cumulative average for a student to graduate from the College of Engineering is (5.0 / 2.75).

• The student must regularly attend the recorded or possibly registered lectures from the beginning of the semester, as the percentage of absence begins, regardless of the student’s delay in registering it.

• The student must seek the assistance of the academic advisor's directions in registering him.

• The allocation mechanism for the departments takes place after the student completes 28 hours of the third and fourth level courses shown below, and by differentiation on the GPA (meaning that the minimum for each section may change from one semester to another)

General alerts
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The third level
code Course title Scheduled hours Prerequisite
Chem101 general chemistry 4  
Phys 103 General Physics (1) 4  
MATH 106 Integration calculation 3 MATH 150
MATH 107 Vectors and matrices 3 150 ريض
107 نجم التحرير الفني 3  
Total                  17


fourth level
code Course title Scheduled hours Prerequisite
--- سلم إختياري 2  
101 عرب المهارات اللغوية 2  
104 فيز فيزياء عامة (2) 4  
104 هعم أساسيات الرسم الهندسي 3  
108 نجم مهارات الاتصال للمهندسين 3  
203 ريض حساب التفاضل والتكامل 3

106 ريض

107 ريض

Total                  17