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Vice Deanship for Academic and Educational Affairs

Vice Dean Message

Welcome to the College of Engineering Academic Affairs at King Saud University (KSU)! The engineering profession has been at the lead of innovation and change in the world. Given today’s world dynamic challenges, engineers of different disciplines are called for urgent and innovative solutions to balance both human needs and natural concerns. Since the College was established in 1962 (1382H), the demand for problem-solving leaders with engineering and computational proficiencies has been continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the globe.

At KSU College of Engineering, we are truly a vibrant community where aspiring students prepare themselves through innovative curricula and research activities to be responsible leaders and lifelong learners in a nurturing learning environment. Our diverse family of staff, instructors, and faculty are dedicated to the education necessary for preparing next generation leaders for their future careers while they earn a university degree.

Our undergraduate programs have obtained the national academic accreditation from NCAAA (Seven B.Sc. programs in Electrical Engineeringalong, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and Surveying Engineering) and  the international academic accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, (Six B.Sc. programs in Electrical Engineeringalong, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering). Our programs provide students with opportunities that combine a strong theoretical background with real-world hands-on experience through Capstone projects, state-of-the-art laboratories, cooperative education programs, and engineering internships with local and global industry leaders. Our students are not limited to the classroom at KSU, as we provide opportunities for students to intern and study all over the world.

Please explore our website and visit our campus to seek ways in which we can help you fulfill your educational goals and best wishes in your educational and professional endeavors.


                                                         Dr. Abdulrahman A. Bin Mahmoud

                                         Vice Dean for Academic and Educational Affairs, College of Engineering


                                                                   Tel: +966 1 4677112


  Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Bin Mahmoud  
  Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs  
Abdullah Abdulaziz Alshwaish   Saleh Helail Al Osimi
Supervisor of Vice Dean Office   Secretary of Vice Dean
0114677109   0114677109
Khaled Hamad Al Jalajil   Alwaleed Mahammad Alrashed   Muteb Munaji Al Otaibi
Students Affairs   Students Affairs   Practical Training Coordinator
0114677107   0114677107   0114677107


Unit supervisors

Dr. Mohammed Hamad Almannaa   Eng. Faisal alasmari   Dr.Saeed Abdullah Aldosari
Academic Advising Unit   Practical Training Unit   Students’ Affairs Unit
0118063197   0114696426   0114678982
Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Bin Mahmoud   Prof.Ahmad Abasaeed Haj   Prof. Anis Gharbi
Students’ Rights Protection Unit   Academic Programs Unit   Educational Affairs Unit
0114677112   0114676856   0114676829
Dr.Saleh Hammoud Al-Sunaidi   Dr. Mejdal A. Alqahtani   Dr. Ali Alnahit
Examination Unit   Student Activities Unit   Educational Development Unit
0114678981   0114696062   0114677021
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