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Research Chairs

Saudi Aramco Chair In Electrical Power

Saudi Aramco Chair in Electrical Power was inaugurated on 27th February 2010 (13 Rabi-1 1431) by Prof. Abdullah A. Al-Othman, President of the King Saud University and Engr. Esam A. Al- Bayat, Saudi Aramco Vice President of Engineering Services. Dr. Saleh H. Alawaji, Deputy Minister for Electricity, and acting Chairman of Saudi Electricity Company and Dr.Ali Al-Ghamdi, the Vice President of Higher Studies & Scientific Research felicitated in this function. Dr Abdullah Shehri, Deputy Governor, Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), Dr. Sriram Ramakrishnan, Vice President of Singapore National University, Prof. Abdulaziz A. Al-Hmaid, Dean College of Engineering, Dr. Nazar H. Malik, Chair professor, Co-Chair Professors Dr. A. Beroual and Dr. M. Kezunovic, KSU staff, faculty, researchers, and students were present.

Chair of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Laden For Research and Studies in Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Structures

The chair was established in 2008. Undoubtedly, the establishment of Sheikh Mohammed Chair (SMC) would be an essential element for the completion of the system that will work through studies and researches on modern techniques to rehabilitate structures suffering from the deterioration or needed to be strengthened to be able to bear that loads which were not taken into account at the design stage such as seismic and/or wind forces as per the Saudi Building Code. SMC will also focus on evaluating and studying the efficacy and appropriateness of various maintenance materials available in the local markets with the type of construction in the Kingdom, natural and climatic conditions in the different regions of the Kingdom. The knowledge achieved in the area of rehabilitation techniques, and its transfer to the local market is vital and necessary, not only in economic terms but also to support the development of infrastructure that Saudi Arabia is witnessing today, and its continuation for the coming generations. The Chair will have the upper hand in the rehabilitation of national competencies capable of providing national requirement of knowledge of the theory and application fields.

ACWA-Power Chair for Water Research (Desalination)

Mr. Mohammad Abunayyan, Chairman of ACWA Power Projects (APP), had signed agreement with His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman, Rector of King Saud University (KSU), to establish and sponsor a chair focused on research in water and power, two strategic commodities in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Khalid bin Sultan Chair for Water Research

Prince Khalid bin Sultan Chair for Water Research was established on January 2009 with a threefold mission: promotion of the wastewater reuse for a wide variety of potential applications that suit our arid environment through education and scientific research on wastewater reuse, and disseminating awareness for the significance of reclaimed water as a strategic water resource; development and implementation of innovative wastewater reclamation technologies that conform to local environment and resources; and Building and maintaining a broad and active network of local and international water-reuse researchers and professionals.

Al-Zamil Group Chair for Electricity & Water Conservation

Al-Zamil Group Chair for Electricity & Water Conservation was established in March 2009. Saudi Arabia is particularly in a bad need for electricity and water conservation to achieve sustainable development as planned by the leadership of the country.

The chair is to be a distinguished reference and powerful database for issues related to electricity and water conservation at the national and international levels and that it will contribute effectively with the concerned authorities to creating a knowledge society that is equipped with mature conservation culture and conduct. The chair will contribute practical, educational and social research efforts pertaining to conservation of electricity and water that illustrate the role of the university and the chair in conserving electric power and water resources. The objectives include : promotion of awareness regarding importance of electricity and water conservation of their utilization, contribution to solving the problems of electricity and water wasting, enhancement of electric power and water resources conservation in a measure that serves the national economy, and enrichment of the research, studies, training and education in the field of electricity and water conservation.

Eng. Abdullah Bogshan Chair in Expansive Soils

Eng. Abdullah Bogshan Research was established in 2008, Promoting a scientific environment that fosters innovation and undertaking of a cutting-edge research in various aspects related to expansive soils including swelling behavior, treatment and foundation systems.

  • Implementing and utilizing research results for the benefits of building industry in the Kingdom capitalizing on the university resources and facilities.

  • Encouraging young Saudi and Non-Saudi researchers to pursue and engage in research projects in various aspects related to expansive soils, including swelling behavior, soil treatment, and building on such problematic soils, Providing consultation, training and continuing education for geotechnical engineers through seminars, workshops, and short courses.

  • Establishing alliance and mutual cooperation with researchers and research centers concerned with unsaturated soils in general and expansive soils in particular.

  • Promoting public awareness of the nature of expansive soils and problems associated with these soil formations and the viable methods and procedures for preventing such problems.

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