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As it is highlighted in its vision, King Saud University strives to achieve excellence in building a knowledge society.  As per its mission, the University maintains that such an achievement is to be carried out through the creation of an environment that is conducive to learning, intellectual creativity, the optimal employment of technology, and the establishment of effective partnerships at the local as well as the global levels. According to its Strategic Plan, King Saud University commits itself to six major values, notably ​​those of quality and excellence. This commitment is to be implemented through observing the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation. The University puts in perspective as many as nine major strategic goals, including the enhancement of the alumni capabilities (fourth goal) and the safeguarding of a supportive educational environment (sixth goal). Both the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation and the College of Engineering’s Strategic Plan are consonant with King Saud University’s Plan in that they all lay a great deal of emphasis on innovation and the development of students' skills.

It is against such backdrop that the College of Engineering took upon itself to establish a student innovation center (Engineering Innovation Center). The Center contains basic equipment for design, installation and measurement in the various scientific disciplines offered by the College, as well as the technical support needed to provide an opportunity for college students to implement value-added innovative projects. The Center is not necessarily linked to any of the curricular activities, but aims to attract all those students who possess innovative ideas and aspire to carry them out, taking advantage of the capabilities and equipment available in the Center, in addition to guided supervision and logistic support.

Last updated on : November 27, 2023 1:12pm