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Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

To be a world class college and a pioneer in engineering education, innovative research and building knowledge economy.

To provide high quality education programs that address the changing needs of future engineers, serve the profession and contribute to the advancement and well-being of the society by creating and disseminating knowledge and technology to future generations through teaching, research and partnership with industry and government.

  1. To excel at what really matters, and to aspire to the needs of society.
  2. To treat individuals with dignity and respect: to judge without partiality, critique without contempt, and encourage without reserve.
  3. To value diversity and support – hearten and promote – creativity.

Strategic Objectives
  1. Provide Distinguished and Accredited Academic Programs that Meet Development Requirements and the Needs of the job Market According to the Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.
  2. Prepare Competitive Engineers at both National and International Levels.
  3. Provide Attractive and Stimulating Work Environment for Teaching Staff and Researchers.
  4. Guide the Scientific Research System to Meet the Needs of Development, and to Create New Economic Opportunities.
  5. Expand Partnership with Government Agencies, Academic Institutions and Industry to Strengthen Sources of Support and Funding.
  6. Improve the Quality of Support Services Related to Human Resources and Facilities.
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