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Student Advising Unit - Non-designated students


On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year 1437/1438 AH, the Academic Advising Unit for non-designated students welcomes the new students who joined the college for this year and wishes them all success, success and distinction during their journey in their prestigious college, and on this occasion the unit wishes to emphasize that its students must be keen to attend the advisory meetings Enlightenment organized by the college, and knowing the university regulations and systems that help them increase educational attainment and solve problems that they may encounter during their university career and increase university culture, by:

     • Read the new student’s advisor and adhere to the rules, regulations, activities and services it contains.

     • Reading bulletins issued by the Deanship of Admission and Registration, following the dates specified in them, and avoiding taking information from friends and colleagues, as the college is keen to provide advisory and academic services through academic advising units that seek to familiarize students with their academic requirements and university regulations through media campaigns to realize the importance of regulations in their academic journey.

     • Knowing the warnings list by which the student is determined to obtain a warning of the rate. The student must also read the transfer rules that were clarified by the curriculum regulations.

     • Follow up the dates related to withdrawal, deletion, addition, transfer, and suspension of registration to avoid problems that may occur due to lack of familiarity with those dates. Students wishing to transfer from their colleges should not be late to do so in order to avoid missing semesters and ensure that they graduate within the permitted time.

Note that there are many regulations that the student overlooks, such as the list of student rights, through which the student knows what rights and obligations he has.

Adherence to the rules and regulations is what the unit initiates to create on the ground as an established culture among college students. The unit also calls on its students to study regularly and not to be interrupted in order to avoid faltering, and then dismissal from the university. Finally, the unit welcomes any inquiry from our students about any obstacle they face during their academic career.

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