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- Application does not mean admission to KSU; rather, it is only giving students the opportunity to compete in candidacy for the seats available for admission.

- Applications having been screened, the best candidates will be nominated as per seats available at colleges, admission criteria and desire available.

- Admission results will be announced four months after the date of the end of application period

- To know the results of the nomination for admission and other admission requirements (such as written exams, interviews, etc.), students should refer to the announcements posted at the Admission electronic portal

- For male students nominated for admission: Authenticated Certificate of Graduation and Academic Transcript as well as other required documents should be sent to the Deanship of Graduate Studies either personally to The Admission Unit at the Deanship or at the following address: The Deanship of Graduate Studies –Admission Unit – P.O. Box: 1241, Riyadh, code: 11431 For female students nominated for admission: Those documents should be sent to the Deanship of Graduate Studies – (Female Section at Olaishah and Al-Malaz)

- By the way, the student has no right to apply for more than one desire within the same application period



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am