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The College Vice Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (GSSR) is one of the deanships of the College of Engineering at King Saud University, which undertakes the responsibilities to develop graduate studies and scientific research in the college. Ultimately, it aims to make the college a world-class institution capable of contributing effectively to a knowledge society.

The GSSR deanship promotes excellence and the academic quality of graduate programs. The college offers various graduate programs in various engineering fields. Over sixteen graduate programs are offered, including a high diploma, a master's degree, a joint master's degree, and a doctorate. With the support of modern laboratories and specialized research centers, these programs provide a platform for distinguished students to pursue their higher studies at the college under the supervision of outstanding faculty members. In this way, college graduates are able to keep pace with the rapid development of science and technology with the knowledge and skills they acquire at the college.

College of Engineering researchers are also well supported by the College of Engineering Research Center, which was established in 1394 AH (1974 CE) to provide support to researchers in all departments of the College. To activate the partnership between the College and Industry, the College created several research chairs in various specialized fields using support from several private organizations and individuals. Therefore, these partnerships have opened areas for cooperation with the local industry and also provide opportunities for research excellence to contribute to the scientific, technical, and economic progress of the Kingdom. In addition to the research chairs, the college also has two advanced institutes and two research centers.

The College of Engineering, with its deanships and departments, is working to achieve knowledge building based on scientific research, development, and innovation. Based on the University's vision, the deanship is working to provide outstanding education, produce innovative research that benefits the community, and enhance the university's position among regional and international universities. As a result, we will serve to meet the Kingdom’s needs to prepare qualified people to work in various engineering fields and provide appropriate solutions to the challenges facing our society through studies, consultations and solid scientific research.



• Follow up and implement the college’s policy for postgraduate studies and scholarships, and supervise the development and review of admission requirements for graduate studies.

• Supervising the activities and development of the college’s capabilities in the field of research, developing a research strategy and plan, and setting up implementation mechanisms in the college.

• Supervising the provision of financial support for research from the university and from outside financing agencies.

• Receiving and following up the departments' needs of researchers, faculty members, and teaching assistants in various disciplines.

• Supervising the follow-up of the college’s scholarship abroad.

• Receiving the files of graduate students applying to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and distributing them to the various departments in the college.

• Receive the departments ’recommendations regarding graduate students’ applications and send them to the Deanship of Graduate Studies after approval by the College Board.

• Coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University regarding postgraduate students.

• Coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University and the Research Center in the College and other research institutions regarding conducting research and obtaining support for it.

• Coordination with the faculty and researchers recruitment department at the university regarding the recruitment process.

• Agreeing to grant an additional or exceptional opportunity. The re-registration and approval of the research plan, the appointment of its supervisors, the approval of the transfer from one department to another within the university, the formation of a discussion committee for master's theses for graduate students, and the vice-dean of the postgraduate studies in this regard directly.



Dr. Abdullah Yahia M Alfaify

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Dr. Jamel A. Orfi

Supervisor of the Graduate Studies Unit and the Continuing Education Unit




Prof. Hasan Mohammed Bilani

Supervisor of the Scientific Research Unit and Teaching Assistants and Scholarships Affairs Unit










Ahmed Alharbi