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Since its establishment, the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality has been working to achieve its objectives of implementing the highest standards of quality in the college educational programs, meeting the expectations and requirements of beneficiaries of these programs and educational facilities, and measure their level of satisfaction, and promoting the culture of quality within the college. A challenging mission requires the development of the vision, strategies, and goals that meet the aspirations of the College of Engineering to improve the quality of its educational outcomes, which are in line with the strategic plan of King Saud University and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. In 2008, the college has developed a strategic plan that was then revised in 2011 to coincide with the University's strategic plan. Then, updated in 2018 to be consistent with the vision of the KSA 2030 and the vision of King Saud University KSU2030. The College also satisfied the ISO 9001:2008 requirements in quality management, and it is ready now to get ISO 9001-2015 certification. In addition, the college acquired accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet/org, for the following undergraduate programs: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. Moreover, the College also acquired accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA) for all of its undergraduate academic programs.  The college is working on strategic programs and projects of the college strategic plan initiatives while continuing to preserve its accomplishment, coordination, and follow-up of ongoing development plans.



To be recognized as a leading role in the improvement of educational processes, academic and administrative performance characterized by quality and creativity in the University and Kingdom levels.



Ongoing improvement of the educational system through the promoting development plans to be implemented and evaluated in order to achieve the requirements of total quality to raise the quality of education according to the National and International standards.



  • Raising the quality of education in all disciplines and obtaining national and international academic accreditation.
  • Raising the administrative and technical performance of information in the college
  • Raising the efficiency and satisfaction rates of the college's employees.
  • Work on enhancing efficiency of the college quality system
  • Spreading a culture of quality across the college



Dr. Majid L. Altamimi

Vice Dean for Development and Quality


Dr. Mohamed M. Sharaf

Head of Development and Quality Unit


Dr. Saeed A. Aldosari

Head of Statistic and Information Unit


Dr. Mohammed A. Almubaraky

Head of Laboratories and Risk Management Unit


Dr. Yasser Alfadhl

Development and Quality Unit Assistant


Prof. Abdulhameed M. Ajbar

Head of Alumni Affairs Unit


Dr. Aref A. Abadel

Head of Training and Community Services Unit


Mr. Abdulaziz Alkhamees


Media and Public Relations Unit


Mr. Mosaed Alsowaid


Alumni Affairs Unit


Mr. Saad Alarifi


Risk Management Unit


Mr. Mohammed Elsayed


COE Council Affairs


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am