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About the Research Center

The Research Center was established at the College of Engineering - which is the first research center in the university - in the academic year 1394/1395 AH, to activate research work and support theoretical and applied studies for members of the faculty and provide the necessary capabilities for that, by providing many administrative, technical and financial services. The Research Center also contributes to financial and administrative support for postgraduate students' research at the master's and doctoral levels in the various disciplines of the college departments. The Center also encourages all researchers at the college to publish the results of their research in international scientific journals and conferences, in addition to publishing some of them in the King Saud University Journal (Engineering Sciences), which is a periodical published by the Deanship of Library Affairs at the university.

It is worth noting that the number of research projects supported by the Center during the aforementioned period is 1137 research projects in various fields of theoretical and applied engineering. Most of them have been published in scientific journals and presented at local and international scientific conferences.

And since the Research Center is now affiliated with the Deanship of Scientific Research, which falls under the University Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, it is the body that determines its annual budget according to the scientific activity carried out by the center. The Research Center at the College of Engineering has an administrative council that assists the director of the center in implementing the research strategy of the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university. This council consists of members, each of whom represents one of the six departments of the college. The following tables show the list of council members and the research center staff list.

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Members of the Research Center Board of Directors

Prof. Imaddin Mustafa Kamal

Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Research Center

Dr. Mahdi Al Ajami Ahmed Mourad

A representative of the Industrial Engineering Department


Dr. Issam bin Saleh Al-Tabaishi

A representative of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Prof. Sami Bin Ali Al-Sane

A representative of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Sabhan

A representative of the Civil Engineering Department


Dr. Taha Mustafa Ali Moawad

Representative of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Division

Affiliates of the Research Center

Prof. Imaddin Mustafa Kamal

Director of the Research Center

Ibrahim bin Ali Ramadan

Arab secretary and transcriber

Fahd bin Ibrahim Al-Ahmad

Center Secretary

M. Ahmed Nasr Kadashi

Researcher (Nuclear Engineering)

M. Syed Rahman mentioned

Researcher (Mechanical Engineering)