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Degree Requirements

Doctoral of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements are:

1. Completing 30 credit hours of course work, consisting of core courses as well as elective courses, which are selected in coordination with the student advisor and with the approval of the coordinator of the graduate studies committee. These courses are distributed as follows:

     a. 4 Core Courses (12 credit hours) from the track to which the student is admitted (see below).

     b. 3 Compulsory Seminar Courses (3 credit hours)

     c. 5 Elective Courses (15 credit hours) from the 600 level of Mechanical Engineering courses listed below (subject to graduate studies committee approval).

2. Passing a comprehensive examination, consisting of two parts: a written and an oral. Each of these parts in turn covers two areas – the major field of specialty, and the minor ones. The comprehensive exam is designed to assess the student's capabilities in two major respects: a) grasp of the discipline, and b) cognitive skills. After completing the comprehensive exam successfully, the student becomes a PhD candidate.

3. Present the PhD proposal to the department. Once the PhD proposal is approved, the department selects the PhD student's advisor(s).

4. Satisfactory completion and successful defense of a Ph.D. thesis.

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Degree Requirements
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