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Civil Engineering Disciplines

Civil Engineering Disciplines
The department offers a comprehensive and integrated program that allows the student to develop solid basis in different Civil Engineering disciplines.

Structural Engineering

This discipline deals with the analysis and design of concrete and steel structures, such as multi-story buildings, bridges, towers....etc. It deals also with the study of the durability and resistibility of such structures for live loads, wind and earthquake. The study involves also the study of the properties of building materials according to the international specifications.

Water Resources and Hydraulics Engineering

This field covers the basic concepts of water science and its related theorems and applications. This includes the methods of transporting water from sources to distribution sites through channels and pipelines, water sources and storage system, types of dams and their design methods. It involves also the study of seawater movements and shore protection.

Geotechnical Engineering

This field is concerned with the study of the soil properties of the construction site and its bearing capacity. Geotechnical engineering is concerned also with the suitable solutions for any problem in the soil as well as the choice of the best and secured methods of design and construction of the foundation of engineering structures.

Environmental Engineering

This field is concerned with the study of the necessary methods and techniques of environment protection as well as the availability of the basic life elements such as water and air with a specific level of quality to protect the mankind health and environment. This includes design and construction of water distribution networks, wastewater and storm water collection systems, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment for reuse in industrial and agricultural fields. Environmental engineering involves also the study of the different techniques of controlling air, water and soil pollution as well as the proper disposal or recycle of solid and hazardous wastes.

Transportation Engineering

This discipline involves the present and future broad planning of the requirements of transportation systems, as well as the specifications of these systems such as those of roads, airports, parking lots....etc. and the management of traffic volumes with the necessary design of the traffic signals and public transportation.


Construction Engineering and Management

The civil engineer is concerned with the management of engineering projects including planning and control of cost, time, and quality. This field is a multi-discipline area, which demands knowledge about business, economy, computer applications, constructability, construction equipment and methods, decision and risk analysis, engineering management, law, safety and productivity.
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