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The College is Implementing the “Outcome Based Education (OBE) Management System”

The College of Engineering has started implementing during this semester (first semester of the academic year 1436/1437) a software program for managing the education process on the basis of education outcomes (OBE) on a number of its academic courses. This program is specially designed for both faculty and students of the college, and is supported by the Vice-Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affair to assess education outcomes and effectiveness of teaching procedures. Six other colleges are involved in this project. The College of Engineering has prepared this program under the supervision of the College Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality to suit the nature of the engineering courses and to meet the requirements of the international and national accreditation. The OBE has three main components:

Student Attendance: Faculty and teaching staff having access to the OBE management system will be able to record student attendance in their lectures and classes. Student attendance can be taken either manually by the faculty or automatically by the students with the use of the OBE Engineering Mobile application. The faculty through special settings can manage students attendance and the students can track their attendance status in each course.

Course and Program Assessment: Each faculty or teaching staff can assess the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for his courses through the marks achieved by the students with different assessment tools (quizzes, assignments, lab reports, midterm exams, projects, etc.). In addition, the program outcomes as defined by the Student Outcomes (SOs) can be directly assessed for each course. Different assessment reports either for CLOs or SOs can be obtained through the system. The OBE informs the students about their timetables, exams and marks of all registered courses.

Feedback Surveys: The feedback of different programs constituents including but not limited to faculty, students, alumni, and employers, about different educational aspects related to either the courses or the program can be obtained through different and specially designed surveys in the OBE management system. Feedback data are automatically collected, stored, analyzed and presented in special reports.

To log into OBE program:   click here

For activation of your account or reporting difficulties send an e-mail to the following address:

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am