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Administratively, the Center belongs to the Deanship of the College of Engineering at King Saud University. The Center’s strategy and action plan are determined in coordination with the College’s Innovation Unit and an Advisory Committee composed of representatives from the funding parties and experts in the Center’s fields of interest. The Center includes the following units:


Training Unit

This unit is concerned with training students on the basic skills including brainstorming, generating creative ideas, teamwork, the basic principles of engineering design and the dissemination of the culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Unit is also geared to train the Center’s employees and visitors on using the various facilities and the organization of introductory lectures on periodical basis.

Design and Development Unit

The Unit’s role is to oversee the design and development of models for innovative projects within the Center and to provide technical support for students including training them on specialized design software and the use of the Center’s equipment to build preliminary models. The Unit is also concerned with coordination with the Intellectual Property and technology licensing at King Saud University in order to register those projects that are likely to be eligible for receiving a patent of invention.

Marketing Unit

This Unit assumes three key roles. First, it introduces the Center through the publication of brochures and other introductory materials, the Center’s website, communication networks and the organization of exhibitions and events. Second, the Unit seeks to maintain communication with companies, institutions and concerned parties in order to establish effective partnerships to help implement the Center’s mission and ensure the diversity of material and technical support resources. Third, the Unit focuses on marketing students’ projects and rehabilitating outstanding innovations within the Entrepreneurship program, which provides basic services including assistance in the development of operational, marketing and financing plans.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee consists mainly of a number of faculty members from the College of Engineering. It is geared to oversee the reviewing of project proposals and their arbitration and recommendation and to suggest the appropriate funding thereof. The Committee is also geared to provide the scientific assistance needed by the students during the project implementation process.

Administrative Support Unit

The Unit assumes the task of overseeing the Center’s staff and employees, administrative communication, procurement and warehouse management and the preparation of administrative and financial reports.