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Quality and Accreditation Committee

The committee is associated directly with the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality, and includes:

     • Dean (Chairman of the Committee)

     • Vice Dean for Development and Quality (Committee Coordinator)

     • Vice Dean (Member)

     • Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs (Member)

     • Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (Member)

     • Head of the quality unit (member)

     • Chairmen of academic departments (members)

     • Heads of quality and academic accreditation units for academic programs (members)

     • Secretary of the committee



1- Spreading the quality and academic accreditation culture among the faculty of Engineering, and follow-up related activities, to maintain a high-quality performance.

2- Follow-up activities of sub-committees in the academic departments and help them carry out their functions.

3- Direct supervision of accreditation process and identify all activities and needs related to academic programs and the overall management process..

4- Implementation of the requirements of quality management system for King Saud University, (KSU-QMS) and follow-up with the Vice Rector for Development and Quality, academic departments and management of the college.