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Quality and Accreditation Committee

Quality and Accreditation Committee

The committee is associated directly with the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality.


  1.      Dean (Chairman of the Committee).
  2.      Vice Dean for Development and Quality (Committee Coordinator).
  3.      Vice-Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs (Member).
  4.      Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (Member).
  5.      Head of the quality unit (member).
  6.      Chairmen of the academic departments (members).
  7.      Heads of quality and academic accreditation units in the academic programs (members).
  8.      Secretary of the committee.


  1. Spreading the quality and academic accreditation culture among the faculty of Engineering, and follow-up related activities, to maintain a high-quality performance.
  2. Follow-up activities of sub-committees in the academic departments and help them carry out their functions.
  3. Direct supervision of accreditation process and identify all activities and needs related to academic programs and the overall management process..
  4. Implementation of the requirements of quality management system for King Saud University, (KSU-QMS) and follow-up with the Vice Rector for Development and Quality, academic departments and management of the college.