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Lab Description:

The nuclear engineering laboratories consist of:

     - Measurement Lab.

     - Health Physics Lab.

     - Neutron Activation Facility.

     - X-Ray Fluorescence Lab.

The laboratories are well equipped to meet the requirements of undergraduate as well as graduate studies and the research work. In the Measurement Lab all types of experiments related to Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron spectroscopy can be performed.

The Health Physics Lab contains a complete unit of ThermoLuminescence Dosimetry (TLD), X-Ray Fluorescence Lab and all the other Necessary Radiation Survey meters and Dosimeters to execute the work related to radiation protection experiments and research work.

The Neutron Activation Facility is used to activate the target samples to prepare radio isotopes and perform Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA).


Lab Location: 1C 22, College of Engineering

Lab Engineer: Eng. Abdul Waheed M. Hafeez

Phone: +966 1 4676832