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Application steps to study some courses at another university

1) Bring a course description certified by the university where you want to study as a visiting student.

2) That the university you want to study at has a national academic accreditation or ABET in the student program. (That the program similar to the student’s program has academic accreditation in the same university, such as the civil engineering program, the electrical engineering program, the industrial engineering program, the mechanical engineering program, the chemical engineering program, or the petroleum and natural gas engineering program and other programs).

3) Review Student Affairs to obtain a (Visitor Student Form).

4) Presenting the course description to the subject doctor and the concerned department head, for approval.

5) Reviewing the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs for approval by the college.

6) Handing over the (Visitor Student Form) after signature and accreditation from the college to the "Deanship of Admission and Registration" to obtain an official letter directed to the university in which to study as a visiting student.


  1. The student must obtain at least a Good grade in order to be equivalent to the course at King Saud University.
  2. The number of hours of the course at another university should be the same as the hours of the course at King Saud University or more.