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The registration program for finding the best course schedule (AJD)

The College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs announces the launch of the computer auxiliary program for the student in building his academic schedule according to multiple options (the best study schedule - the most -), where the program proposes the ideal schedule according to the student’s data, the condition of the people and the registration conditions and controls, then the student then registers himself - by making use of Among the results of the program - through the electronic portal or the submission of an electronic application in the event that it is not possible to register it by himself through the portal.

The College advises all students who wish to amend their schedules to take advantage of the program that has been installed on the college’s computer lab devices.

The advantages of the program:

  1. Building a study schedule with the fewest possible spaces according to the student’s data, the people's condition, and the conditions and controls for registration.
  2. Building a schedule of final exams according to the proposed schedule, so that the student knows the exam time for each course.

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