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Scientific Research Unit


• Follow up and implement the college’s policy for postgraduate studies and scholarships, and supervise the development and review of admission requirements for graduate studies.

• Supervising the activities and development of the college’s capabilities in the field of research, developing a research strategy and plan, and setting up implementation mechanisms in the college.

• Supervising the provision of financial support for research from the university and from outside financing agencies.

• Receiving and following up the departments' needs of researchers, faculty members, and teaching assistants in various disciplines.

• Supervising the follow-up of the college’s scholarship abroad.

• Receiving the files of graduate students applying to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and distributing them to the various departments in the college.

• Receive the departments ’recommendations regarding graduate students’ applications and send them to the Deanship of Graduate Studies after approval by the College Board.

• Coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University regarding postgraduate students.

• Coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University and the Research Center in the College and other research institutions regarding conducting research and obtaining support for it.

• Coordination with the faculty and researchers recruitment department at the university regarding the recruitment process.

• Agreeing to grant an additional or exceptional opportunity. The re-registration and approval of the research plan, the appointment of its supervisors, the approval of the transfer from one department to another within the university, the formation of a discussion committee for master's theses for graduate students, and the vice-dean of the postgraduate studies in this regard directly.