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Strategic Plan Committee

The committee is associated with the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality. Its members are:

     • Dean (Chairman of the Committee)

     • Vice Dean for Development and Quality (Committee Coordinator)

     • Head of the College Quality Unit (member)

     • Head of the College Development Unit (member)

     • Heads of the Strategic Plan Committees for academic departments (members)

     • Secretary of the Committee.



1- Formulation of the college vision, mission and strategic objectives, and updating in accordance of new development

2- Developing and updating the strategic plan of the college including the policies, programs and performance indicators in order to achieve the college vision and mission and strategic objectives.

3- Follow up the implementation of development projects to achieve the strategic objectives.

4- Follow-up achievement of the key performance indicators for development projects.

5- Prepare follow-up reports of implementing the strategic objectives and forward them to the University Deanship for Development.