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Academic Committee

Strategic Plan Committee

The committee is associated with the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality.

 (Click here to see the Current Strategic Plan of the College)


  1.      Dean (Chairman of the Committee)
  2.      Vice Dean for Development and Quality (Committee Coordinator)
  3.      Head of the College Quality Unit (member)
  4.      Head of the College Development Unit (member)
  5.      Heads of the Strategic Plan Committees for academic departments (members)
  6.      Secretary of the Committee.


  1. Formulation of the college vision, mission and strategic objectives, and updating in accordance of new development
  2. Developing and updating the strategic plan of the college including the policies, programs and performance indicators in order to achieve the college vision and mission and strategic objectives.
  3. Follow up the implementation of development projects to achieve the strategic objectives.
  4. Follow-up achievement of the key performance indicators for development projects.
  5. Prepare follow-up reports of implementing the strategic objectives and forward them to the University Deanship for Development.