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Society Mechanical Engineering Students


The idea of establishing (Society for students of mechanical engineering) Comes for the importance of developing the level of the department and its students academically and geometrically, the idea was started at the beginning of the season 1427, with the adoption of the chairman Dr. Abdulhakiem AL-Maajid and Dr. essam Albahkali and Dr. Magdi Al Rayyes, and with some effective Section students, Saeed Al-Dossari, chief of "mechanic magazine" Mohammed Al Rudaini and currently society Chairman Ahmed aljohar. .

Society Goals


  •      - The development of scientific thought and engineering in the field of mechanical engineering.
  •      - Coordination between industry sectors through communication among employees who graduated from Section.
  •      - Carrying out regular seminars, workshops & educational courses.
  •      - Publishing studies, newsletters, periodicals.
  •      - Training development.
  •      - Working on the development of education and training in mechanical engineering.
  •      - Students skills development in mechanical engineering.



Society administration of mechanical engineering section is a reference for students academically and indicative.




Upgrading Section and its students academically and engineering.



Board of Directors


Name Mission Email
Ahmad aljohar Chairman
Saeed Alsuhami Vice Chairman
Bandar alShamri Treasury
Suliman Alfahid Secretary
Mohammed Alrdini Head, Media and Public Relations
Turki Karni Head, Web site Committee
Mshari Al-Dosari Head, Development Committee




Previous Board of Directors


Name Mission Email
Turki Karni Chairman
Ahmad aljohar Vice Chairman
Abdullah Alhumiadan Treasury
Badr Bagader Secretary
Mohammed Alrdini Head, Media and Public Relations
Mohammed al ahmari Head, Web site Committee
Saeed Al-Dossari Head, Development Committee
Mohammed alraiyyas Supervisor of the society



Election Conditions:

  •      1. The student Be at the of King Saud University of at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  •      2. The student has Weathered the fourth level of the Academy plan.
  •      3. Be The rest of the Student at graduation year or more.

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Computer Committee


The Section has formed a Computer Committee, The work of this Committee under the umbrella of the E-Transaction unit at the College of Engineering to create and update the website of the Department of Mechanical Engineering on the University site.
This site includes information related to the department in terms of objectives, study plans, laboratories, activities of the Section, as well as information on faculty members and their activities. This section looks to be a site for an additional point of contact with students and alumni section and public and private institutions.
The Activities of the computer committee for this year:
  •      - Supervision of the needs of teaching and research section of the computer and software.
  •      - Coordination with the Computer Center in regards to the needs of teaching and research section.
  •      - The continued development and supervision of the updated website of the department.