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Registration and study procedures

Registration processes

Registration for all students is done according to the following mechanism, in order:

  1. Registration for all students is done automatically by the Deanship of Admission and Registration Affairs (except for the summer semester).
  2. The Deanship opens an online portal for students to delete and add gradually according to university numbers (oldest and newest).
  3. In the event that you - my brother the student - encounter a problem in registering after the two previous steps, follow the following:
  1. Check with your academic advisor to discuss the issue.
  2. Use the Best Academic Schedule (IAGD) program for college students, which was developed by the Registration Unit of the College Agency for Academic Affairs to help the student build his academic schedule (the program is located in the college’s computer lab).
  3. Register through the online portal, taking advantage of the results of the (Ajd) program.
  4. If you are not able to solve your problem, fill out the online registration form at the link:


  1. Follow up your request electronically on the same link.
  2. Print your course schedule after the end of the registration period to check all of your people.

With our invitations to all for success in a new academic year.

Attention: There will be no reception for any paper forms.