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PhD in Chemical Engineering

The Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering was approved in (1997). The program aims at meeting the needs of the Kingdom for qualified individuals with such a highly specialized degree. Graduates are expected to lead in research and development. The program aims also at strengthening the links between the university and the industry through Ph.D. research in specific industrial problems. It also aims at developing and conducting fundamental Chemical Engineering Research. So far 5 candidates were granted this degree and 5 more are currently registered. The Ph.D. program has four main specialization (options):

1.     Transport Phenomena

2.     Process Control

3.     Chemical Industries      

4.     Material Engineering


Admission requirements


Course requirements

            The study for Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering requires the student to complete 18 credit units from graduate courses listed in Table (3) together with successful completion of the comprehensive examination. The student is also required to conduct an original and novel scientific research and write a thesis in one of the Chemical Engineering topics. The student is required to take six compulsory units (CHE 602 and CHE 618) and 12 units chosen from one of the four departmental specializations (options).

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