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Research Groups

Catalysis and Reactor Engineering

Professional investigations and design of single phase and multiphase reactors; Reaction kinetics including petrochemicals, polymers, ... etc; Catalysis and catalysts's development including preparation, characterization and testing; Modeling and simulation of chemical and petrochemical reactors.
Faculty: Dr. Yusuf alZeghyer Dr. Saeed AlZahrani Dr. Ahmed Abasaeed Dr. Mohammad Abashar Dr. Fahad AlMubaddel

Process Dynamics, Optimization and Control

Professional investigation of chemical process dynamics behavior, nonlinearity and stability. Control structure design. Control tuning. Control Performance assessment. Process modeling and Identification. Polymerization reactors dynamic and control. Modeling and Simulation of Process dynamics.
Faculty: Dr. Emad Ali Dr. Khalid alHumaizi Dr. Abdelhamid Ajbar

Powder Technology and Hydrodynamic of Multiphase Processes

Professional investigation of hydrodynamic characteristics and mass transfer enhancement of multiphase reactors, Electro capacitance tomography, fluidization and fluidized beds engineering. Flow in porous media. Nano Material handling.
Faculty: Dr. Mohammad Asif Dr. Waheed AlMasry Dr. Abdelhamid Ajbar Dr. Emad Ali Dr. Fahad AlMubaddel

Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Production

Professional investigation of alternative energy resources such as solar energy, fuel cells, biofuel and hydrogen production. Design and testing fuel cells. Fuel progressing, hydrogen production and storage. Advanced modeling and design analysis tools.
Faculty: Dr. Anis Fakeeha Dr. Mohammad Abashar Dr. Mohamed Kali

Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

Professional investigation of water desalination technologies, RO and MSF desalination design and optimization, Environmental protection, water resources and demand, wastewater treatment technologies. Nanofiltration Technology. Groundwater pretreatment and facilities.

Faculty: Dr. Ibrahim AlMutaz Dr. Mansour Alhoshan Dr. W. Hamdaoui

Chemical and Biochemical Processes

Professional investigation of chemical industries, flow sheeting, process development and alternatives, economic and feasibility studies. Ore and Mineral extraction and processing. Natural gas processing. Biochemical and biomedical processes design and technology. Food Processing.
Faculty: Dr. Mourad bumaza Dr. Waheed AlMasry Dr. Yusuf AlZaghyer Dr. Fahad AlMubaddel Dr. Ahmed Abasaeed

Material Science and Engineering

Professional investigation of industrial and building materials properties, material structure and enhancement, corrosion detection and control, electrochemical engineering application, advanced materials characterization and application.
Faculty: Dr. Mansour alHazaa  Dr. Mansour alHoshan

Polymer Science and Engineering

Provides professional research and consultations in the different aspects of polymer engineering. Some of these aspects are; properties' characterization, process optimization, failure prevention & analysis, material selection, environmental effects, material improvements, production, and many other aspects of polymer engineering.
Faculty: Dr. Othman AlOthman Dr. Saeed AlZahrani Dr. Ahmed Abasaeed Dr. Abdulaziz Alghyamah Dr. Maher Alrashed 

Process Synthesis and Integration

Professional investigation of Process flowsheet optimization. Process Flowsheet integration and intensification, Process technologies and synthesis, Hybrid systems, Membrane Reactors, Membrane technology, Economic Evaluation & Profitability Analysis
Faculty: Dr. Abdulrahman AlRabiah Dr. Abdulaziz alMutlaq

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