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Undergraduate Laboratories

Undergraduate Laboratories

Student Laboratories

The chemical engineering department has four main undergraduate laboratories where students can practice and integrate all of their knowledge from the undergraduate courses into realistic applications. These laboratories are classified as follows:

Unit operation laboratory

In this laboratory, students are introduced to and trained on different laboratory-scale chemical processes such as distillation, drying, cooling tower, liquid phase chemical reactors (batch, continuous, tubular) and heat exchanger. The students also learn about many chemical and physical phenomena such as diffusion of liquids and gases, thermal conductivity, solid handling, fluidization and filtration.


Petroleum refining laboratory

In this laboratory, students are trained on distillation of crude oil and learn how to estimate oil properties such as pour and cloud point, melting point of wax, specific gravity & viscosity of oil and flash & fire point by open cup method. The training also includes water and sediment removal by centrifuge.


Material science laboratory

In this laboratory students learn how to study and analyze the surface and structure of various types of minerals.


Process control laboratory

This laboratory contains several equipment, which are used to introduce the student to process dynamics in open loop and closed-loop modes, instrumentation and control valves. The students are also trained on how to tune the conventional PID controller.

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