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Master of Science Degree in Polymer Engineering

MS. Program in Polymer Engineering

Program Objectives:

The objectives of the program can be summarized as follows:

§  Prepare Saudi engineers to advance and meet the work requirements of the polymers industrial sector.

§  Encourage the scientific research in the professional field of polymers engineering and its applications. 

§  Co-operation with polymer industry to improve manufacturing practice.


Admission Requirements:


Degree Requirements:

A.        Successful completion of a 24 credit hours of graduate courses distributed as follows:

·        Fifteen (15)  credit hours from core courses.

·        Nine (9)    credit hours from elective courses.

B.        Completion and successful defense of a master thesis.  The student is allowed to register the thesis after completion of 12 credit hours.


Program Structure:

Number & Type of CoursesCredit Hours
5  Core Courses15
3  Elective Courses9



Core Courses:

Course  CodeCourse title
CHE 545Advanced transport phenomena 1
CHE 561Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering
CHE 562Polymer Reaction Engineering
CHE 563Polymer Properties and Rheology
CHE 564Polymer Processing


Elective Courses:

Course CodeCourse title
CHE 544Advanced reaction engineering
CHE 565Polymer Characterization and Synthesis Laboratory
CHE 566Polymers Degradation
CHE 567Micromechanics
CHE 568Polymer Surfaces and Adsorption
CHE 569Advanced topics in Polymer Engineering
CHE 570Modeling and Simulation in Polymer Synthesis & Processing
CHE 571Non Newtonian Flow and heat transfer in Polymers
MATH 506Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
CHEM 581Polymer Solutions
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