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Brief History



Brief History

The Chemical Engineering Department was established in (1974) in the College of Engineering at King Saud University to offer the Bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering. The Master of Science degree in chemical engineering was launched in  1981 followed by the Doctor of Philosophy degree in chemical engineering on 1997. The department currently has 30 faculty members: 12 Full Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors and 4 Lecturers. Also, there are 6 Teaching and Research Assistants, and 3 Technicians. The department has well-equipped laboratories. Some of these laboratories enable the students to visualize the various chemical processes and how they are interrelated. Besides the student’s laboratories, the department contains faculty laboratories in which they conduct their own research. Also, the department has advanced computation facilities either through direct contact with university and college computers or the departmental personal computers facilities. The departmental computation laboratories are equipped with a number of design, simulation, and control packages that are used by the students to enhance the understanding of the various chemical processes.

    To attain excellence and continuous improvement, the department was granted accreditation in 2010 by the engineering accreditation commission of ABET (  To meet the market requirements, the department has established a masters program in polymer science and engineering 2008. To promote research and development, the department managed to establish SABIC center for Polymer research and ACWA chair for Water and Power research. Another research Chairs such as the Photo-catalysis and Phosphate and Minerals Processing are emerging.

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