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Bachelor of Science Program in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science Program in Chemical Engineering

The B.S. program aims at preparing the students and providing engineers that can satisfy the needs of the industrial and public sectors and also to contribute to the national industrial development in the Kingdom. Therefore, the department is keen to include in its program, besides the basic chemical engineering subjects, courses that cover the most important industries (such as petrochemical industries and water desalination) in the Kingdom. The B.S. program is a five-year program divided into 10 semesters.   This Program is accredited by the engineering Accreditation commission of ABET, (

Academic Plan According to Common First Year 

As a continuous improvement, the University replaced the Preparatory Year (PY) by the Common First Year (CFY) in the academic year 2017-2018. The introduction of the CFY prompted some adjusting changes in the curriculum of the chemical engineering program for the new batch of students. The chemical engineering curriculum provides a good balance between mathematics and basic sciences, chemical engineering courses, and general education (technical and non-technical) courses. Adequate time and attention was given to design the course objectives of each curriculum component so that they meet the program objectives and outcomes.

Academic Plan According to Preparatory Year 
The B.S. program requires the student to study a total 163 credit units, of which 21 units are preparatory year, 12 units are university requirement, 53 units are college requirements and 67 units are required by the department. The department requirement is divided into 43 units as core courses, 11 units as foundation courses and 9 units of electives. 6 units of the elective should be taken under one of five tracks: petrochemical industries, chemical industries, biochemical industries, material engineering, and water treatment and desalination. Finally 4 units are devoted to a design project in which the student designs a complete factory considering some realistic constraints such as environmental and safety. This design project is intended to polish the students knowledge of chemical engineering. During his course of study, the chemical engineering student studies four laboratory courses in addition to completing a sixty days summer training requirement. During the training program, the students acquire the practical knowledge and the experience for his future employment.


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