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Chemical Engineering Master Courses

Compulsory Courses

GE   501          Simulation of engineering systems on computer

CHE 543         Advanced chemical engineering thermodynamics

CHE 544         Advanced reaction engineering

CHE 545         Advanced transport phenomena 1

CHE 547         Advanced separation processes ( for courses option)

CHE 577         Computer aided process design ( for courses option)

MATH 506     Ordinary and partial differential equations


Elective Courses

CHE 525         Materials engineering

CHE 526         Corrosion & its control

CHE 527         Corrosion in oil and gas industries

CHE 535         Membrane technology

CHE 536         Nanotechnology & nanomaterials

CHE 537         Oxidation at high temperature

CHE 538         Electrochemical engineering

CHE 539         Selected topics in materials engineering

CHE 540         Thermal separation processes

CHE 546         Advanced transport phenomena 2

CHE 547         Advanced separation processes ( for thesis option)

CHE 548         Multiphase flow

CHE 549         Combustion engineering and furnaces

CHE 550         Catalysis in chemical reactors

CHE 552         Petrochemical processes

CHE 553         Advanced petroleum refining engineering

CHE 554         Polymer science and engineering

CHE 555         Oil and natural gas economics

CHE 556         Chemical engineering application in waste treatment

CHE 557         Air pollution engineering

CHE 558         Chemical plant management

CHE 559         Process safety and occupational health

CHE 560         Selected topics in chemical and petrochemical industries

CHE 572         Membrane separation processes

CHE 573         Water treatment engineering

CHE 574         Water quality

CHE 575         Selected topics in desalination and water treatment

CHE 577         Computer aided process design ( for thesis option)

CHE 578         Process identification

CHE 579         Process synthesis

CHE 580         Process integration

CHE 581         Process optimization

CHE 582         Computational fluid dynamics

CHE 583         Nonlinear analysis of dynamic processes

CHE 584         Advanced control for industrial processes

CHE 585         Modern control theory

CHE 586         Assessment of benefits of advanced control systems

CHE 587         Data acquisition & digital control in laboratory experiments

CHE 588         Selected topics in process synthesis & control

CHE 590         Biochemical engineering

CHE 591         Bioseparation engineering

CHE 592         Enzyme engineering

CHE 593         Bioremediation

CHE 594         Bioreaction engineering

CHE 595         Selected topics in bioprocess engineering

CHE 597         Advanced topics in chemical engineering

CHE 598         ( for courses option)         Project 1

CHE 599         ( for courses option)         Project 2

CHE 600         Thesis

ME 556           Alloy theory

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