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Chairman Message

Dear Visitor:


Welcome to the website of the Department of Chemical Engineering, King Saud University. Whatever the purpose of your visit, I hope you will find useful information here to enjoy your visit.

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1394 H / 1974 to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. The program has been nationally and internationally accredited as mentioned on the Accreditation page.


The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to educating engineers who are capable of contributing to the development of their country and the realization of its ambitious Vision 2030.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering program aims to train chemical engineers who are capable of excelling in various chemical engineering professions such as in the petrochemical, water desalination, food, pharmaceutical, environmental, energy, mining, and other industries, and who are able to transition easily into other non-traditional careers as desired or needed, while possessing the lifelong learning skills to keep pace with the demands of future jobs.


The Department of Chemical Engineering also offers three graduate programs: a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (1401 AH / 1981 AD), a Master of Science in Polymer Engineering (1429 AH / 2008 AD), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering (1401 AH / 1981 AD). For more information, visit the Academic Programs page.


The department has two types of laboratories: student laboratories for laboratory experiments related to undergraduate courses and research laboratories where faculty members, researchers, and graduate students in the department can conduct their research work. In addition, there are computer laboratories that serve students and researchers.


The Department of Chemical Engineering maintains close links with industry in the Kingdom. It hosts the SABIC Center for Polymer Research, the first research chair established at King Saud University and then developed into a research center. The department is also linked to the research community through the relationships of its faculty members and researchers with their counterparts in national and international universities through the various collaborative research programs supported by the University


I hope I have given you an encouraging introduction to continue browsing the Chemical Engineering Department website.


If you do not find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us through the Contact Us page. We will be happy to assist you further.



Thank you!





              Prof. Othman Y. Alothman

      Chairman of Chemical Engineering Department

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am