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PGED Computer Laboratory


Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Computer Laboratory (Speciliazed Software)

Commercial Software Donated to the Department and Integrated in the Curriculum are:
  • ECRIN Software Suite: SAPHIR NL, TOPAZE NL, DIAMANT, RUBIS, AMETHYSTE, EMERAUDE, CITRINE by Kappa Engineering, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • FRACPRO Hydraulic Fracture Software by CARBO, Houston, Texas, USA
  • IHS Software Suite: DECLINEPLUS, RTA, CBM, VIRTUWELL, PIPER, WELLTEST by IHS, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Interactive Petrophysics by LR Senergy Software Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  • PETEX Software Suite: PROSPER, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, REVEAL, RESOLVE, worth £ 1,735,709.95 by Petroleum Experts Limited, Edinburg, Scotland, UK
  • Petrel Exploration and Production Software Platform for Integrated Reservoir Dynamics Modeling by Schlumberger Information Solutions, Houston, Texas, USA

Policies Related to the Safety of Computer Software

To insure safety against Viruses/Malware, antivirus is installed on all the PCs in the college. This is configured for automatic updates and real time scanning.  All software tools used within the college are legal and licensed. The installation and use of illegal and/or unlicensed software tools is strictly forbidden.